What is a Self Erecting Tower Crane?

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A Self Erect Tower Crane or as it is occasionally known a SETC for short is a Tower Crane that can simply be placed quickly and easily on a construction site where space is often restricted.

Self erect tower cranes are operated from a fixed position and have to be safely placed on the site by a qualified technician or field engineer who has a working knowledge of each particular crane and the mechanisms being used.

The cranes are usually operated using a remote control, although an operator cab can also be fitted to them.

A Self Erecting Tower Crane can offer numerous advantages on many projects that require a fixed position tower crane. This is because it operates in a small area of the site it is on which also means the site safety is improved due to less site movements.

A self erecting tower crane can also be tracked while it is still erected across a level construction site by using it’s own on-board generator and while they usually use fuel they can also often accommodate mains electric.

Quick, simple, and completely autonomous, self-erecting tower cranes are the best option for smaller sites or cramped sites and are great for setting up, erecting and dismantling.

At Kevin Guy Plant Hire we stock brands such as Vicario and San Marco and if the crane you require isn’t in stock we can source it for you.

A Few Benefits provided by Self Erect Tower Cranes:

  • Easy transportation to and from construction sites.
  • Quick & easy erection and dismantling.
  • Easily manouvered around the construction site.
  • Operated from ground level.
  • Operates from a small footprint on the site.
self erect tower crane
self erect tower crane
self erect tower crane