Self erect tower cranes on the building site

self erect tower crane

The construction industry, like many things today, is advancing all the time at an exceptional speed. What was once considered a trade of nothing but barriers to overcome now harbors some of its industry’s best technology and tools.

Self-erecting tower cranes are the most useful and sought-after pieces of machinery the construction industry has to offer. Before we go any further, let me explain what a self-erecting tower crane is and its capabilities.

A self-erecting tower crane operates from one single fixed position but still can reach across the entire site with ease. Often favoured on small site spaces, the crane eliminates the need for multiple machinery types, meaning the less machinery required, the fewer labourers needed to operate numerous pieces of equipment. Making the crane hugely cost-effective as well as efficient. Having axles fitted underneath this particular type of crane makes getting them to and from job sites a great deal more straightforward. If we can make transporting heavy pieces of machinery a bit less challenging in the construction industry, then we should jump on the chance.

Self-erecting tower cranes allow productivity to increase by up to 50% faster than using other equipment types. The Machine is extremely versatile, allowing contractors to take advantage of their ability to operate with ease on sites that have a limited amount of space. Meaning projects can be completed efficiently, accurately, and considerably more quickly.

We have just added a new Potain Hup 40 /30 40 mtr radius with a maximum of 30 mtrs under the hook to our fleet. Call us to enquire about hiring or buying one of these cranes.

Producing no exhaust fumes or noise due to their electrical operation, these cranes have the ability to perform the job of several different pieces of construction equipment, making them the swiss army knife of construction.

The radio remote control is a welcome feature. It allows workers to operate the crane from the ground and communicate and navigate, increasing visibility while enabling much-needed communication among a team to ensure safety and accuracy. Self-erecting tower cranes are capable of lifting materials such as; floor joints, wall sections, and heavy timber with ease making it possible to overcome challenges many workers face on sites every day.

Becoming more and more popular in the UK, the self-erecting tower crane has become an essential machine when working in smaller spaces or a smaller footprint is required. Ranging up to a height of around 35m, it’s no wonder these cranes are becoming the first choice for many sites today.

When purchasing or hiring a self-erecting tower crane, it is crucial to consider some key factors. Having a clear picture of your site’s environment and location will help you understand what type of crane will fulfil your requirements. Ensure you have someone who is comfortable and confident in operating the crane.

Always be sure to speak to a trained and qualified crane specialist. Our job is to make your job easier by ensuring you select the correct and most efficient piece of equipment.

We deliver to anywhere in the UK using our own transport, so don’t waste any time. Get in touch with one of our friendly advisors today for a quote, and let us help you reach new heights in construction.

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