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HIAB's Available With up to 32m Reach


When searching for a HIAB hire Company be sure to find one with the appropriate and necessary accreditations as well as a large amount of experience. At Kevin Guy Plant Hire we have around 40 years of experience in all aspects of transport and haulage including HIAB solutions for both commercial customers and the general public, we have also worked with some major UK organisations and we have many Plant Hire accreditations.

How Can We Help?

We can provide versatile HIAB machinery that will lift materials within confined spaces and at long reach. Our HIAB cranes can lift almost anything within the height and weight restrictions, as you can see from our images we can lift and transport plant machinery or move containers in and around small yards.

Kevin Guy Plant Hire can also provide mats that will help distribute the weight of the lift and also protect the ground. Each of our mats is approx 2440mm by 1220mm with an anti-slip surface enabling pedestrians to use them in cases where it is impossible to re-route them during the lift process. Ask about the mats at the time of enquiry.

Why Choose Kevin Guy for HIAB Hire?

With a selection of HIAB vehicles available, Kevin Guy Plant Hire can transport almost any item as long as it fits within our weight and height restrictions, from a steel container to large transformers and if your load is close to our restrictions, we will work alongside the appropriate authorities to select a safe and desirable route.

✓ Experienced driver included.
✓ Short body length available, perfect for jobs where access space is limited.
✓ Winch available for vertical lifts.
✓ Fly Jib available to maximize reach.
✓ Drawbar trailer available.
✓ Experienced driver included.
✓ HIAB cranes are remote control for safety and ease of operation.
✓ Ability to fit into tight spaces.

What Sort of Vehicle Will I Need?

Our tractor unit HIAB has a shorter body length than a rigid 6 or 8 wheel HIAB, this HIAB is more appropriate for lifts with limited space or issues surrounding access. We understand that every site is different, and we can offer a choice of HIAB as well as advice on what we think would be the best solution for almost any lift.